Case Studies

These case studies are a sample of various applications using PRT product s. As you take a few minutes to browse some of the examples, you will see the adaptability of the composite materials. This adaptability is one of the many factors that make composites such a logical choice to solve a variety of challenging, real world problems.

Seeing some of these applications will answer some questions and raise others. Make note of the questions you come up with so you can contact us and we can get you the answers you are looking for. We will be glad to work with you to design a solution that meets your specific project requirements.

  • Hydrocarbons? No Problem

    PRT now has a 100% solids epoxy product that adheres in the presence of hydrocarbons such as diesel or gasoline. It actually displaces them from the wetted surface to form a permanent bond.
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  • Why Composites?

    There are more great reasons than ever to consider composite repair systems for your piping and infrastructure remediation needs. No downtime and no hot work are at the top of the list.
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What Types of Repairs?

Modern composite repair systems are extremely versatile and adaptable. They can be customized for specific tasks and have impressive capabilities that make them attractive options to traditional repair or replacement methods.
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ASME PCC-2 Spool Test Summary

Testing was recently performed on our PowerSleeve® composite system. The 80% wall loss repair was pressurized to 8200 psi (565 bar). It performed as calculated and was a complete success.
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24 Inch Flare Gas Line-Mexico Bridge Column Completed Rep Concrete Piling After Repair in the Water Concrete Pililng Repair