561 Power Station Pier


THE CHALLENGE: An oil-fired power station located in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico receives fuel oil from tankers discharging in deep water at the end of a 1.2 Km long steel and concrete pier. The pier is a concrete cap sitting on clusters of steel pilings from 30”-36” diameter. The coating applied to these pilings was in very poor condition and was compromising the effectiveness of the impressed current cathodic protection system, (ICCP). An effective replacement coating was required which had to be installed in underwater or wet splash conditions.

THE SOLUTION: BIO-DUR® 561 was selected as the replacement coating primarily because of its ease of application underwater. On large projects the old-fashioned “Splash-Zone” type coatings are far too difficult and slow to mix and apply and is really only useful for limited repair areas. BIO-DUR®561 is designed for a “smoothing-on” application for larger coverage areas. The contractor reported application rates many times faster than the Splash-Zone thus maximizing diver productivity in the water.

Epoxies CoatingsAlthough BIO-DUR® 561 is a little more expensive per gallon it worked out to be considerably less expensive than the Splash Zone product per square foot because only about 40 mils (1,000 microns) are applied versus over 1/8” or 125 mils/ 3,175 microns. This combined with the substantially lower labor cost of application resulted in significant saving to the contractor. The divers and other workers had no previous experience working with BIO-DUR® 561. Because of its built-in ease of use characteristics they were immediately able to mix and apply the product with excellent results.

Surface preparation was by hand-held pistols using 4,000 psi seawater with entrained beach sand delivered through the system.

The degree of blasting obtained was generally “White Metal” with islands of tightly adherent old coating. The BIO-DUR® 561 applied easily over the abraded old coating as it did over bare steel. Since the BIO-DUR® 561 contains no solvents it cannot weaken or soften old coating residues or old antifouling coatings.

Freshly applied BIO-DUR® 561 was not disturbed in the wave action area by even 2’-3’ waves washing against the fresh coating. Once cured this 100% solids epoxy is extremely tough, thanks in part to its reinforcement of Kevlar™ microfibers.

THE RESULT: The project was completed on time and under budget. Three years after completion it was inspected by a team of engineers from the Mexican Electricity Commission in Mexico City who reported ZERO percent deficiencies in the project – quite a testimony to the capabilities and effectiveness of BIO-DUR® 561.

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