PowerSleeve® 24″ Water Line



A 24″ Cooling Water line was experiencing severe external corrosion. Wall loss was so severe in some areas that the concrete liner could be seen. It was urgently needed to completely encapsulate and reinforce this section of the cooling line. Due to the condition of the pipe, sandblasting was not a feasible method of preparation. The pipe had to be cleaned by hand so as not to remove any more steel and cause a failure of the line.


PowerSleeve® engineered composite reinforcement was selected because of its 100% solids epoxy impermeable barrier. This combined with the strength of its custom E-glass and Kevlar® fabric made it the best choice to encapsulate and reinforce this project. The surface of the pipe was hand prepared and all voids filled with epoxy putty to round out the contour. Four layers of PowerSleeve® were then installed on approximately 18 feet of the damaged piping which included one elbow.

powersleeveBecause of its ability to conform to irregular surfaces such as elbows, tees and reducers, it can be used on even the most complex and demanding projects. The installation crew was able to completely cover the straight piping and entire elbow leaving no gaps or voids creating a pipe outside the pipe.

This uniform and continuous installation seals the pipe to prevent future seepage and subsequent loss of pressure.


The PowerSleeve® installation was a success in several ways. The overall cost was far less than compared to conventional repair methods. It required just a fraction of both the time and expense of replacement. The external corrosion was halted and strength reintroduced to the piping with limited manpower in just a few days. Equally important is that all of this was accomplished with no downtime, no reduction of pressure and no loss of productivity.

  • Hydrocarbons? No Problem

    PRT now has a 100% solids epoxy product that adheres in the presence of hydrocarbons such as diesel or gasoline. It actually displaces them from the wetted surface to form a permanent bond.
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  • Why Composites?

    There are more great reasons than ever to consider composite repair systems for your piping and infrastructure remediation needs. No downtime and no hot work are at the top of the list.
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What Types of Repairs?

Modern composite repair systems are extremely versatile and adaptable. They can be customized for specific tasks and have impressive capabilities that make them attractive options to traditional repair or replacement methods.
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ASME PCC-2 Spool Test Summary

Testing was recently performed on our PowerSleeve® composite system. The 80% wall loss repair was pressurized to 8200 psi (565 bar). It performed as calculated and was a complete success.
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