PowerSleeve® Acid Vessel



This 20″ diameter acid vessel had a bottom end cap which was found to have substantial wall loss. The attached 6″ and 1″ piping also had extensive damage from the corrosive acid contained in the system.

Removing the vessel from service at that point would have been very disruptive and costly, so the plant decided to encapsulate the end cap, as well as the attached piping.


powersleevePowerSleeve® engineered composite reinforcement was chosen for the task. Because of the chemical resistance properties of the 100% solids epoxy matrix, it will contain the product even in the event of hole through of the vessel. The PowerSleeve® has the ability to conform to complex irregular surfaces with an extremely high level of adhesion. Custom, high-grade E-glass and Kevlar® fibers are combined to provide the strength for the pressure containment of the repair.

PowerSleeve® was used in multiple strips to build up layers to encapsulate the end cap of the vessel. It was then installed in successive bands to continue the repair on the 6” and 1” piping. Once cured it creates a uniform and continuous barrier for pressure and product containment.


Complete encapsulation of the vessel and piping was achieved in a short timeframe. The PowerSleeve® installation was a cost effective solution to extend the service life and was completed without process interruption or costly downtime.

The PowerSleeve® engineered composite reinforcement system provided the chemical resistance, conformability and strength properties required for this demanding application.

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ASME PCC-2 Spool Test Summary

Testing was recently performed on our PowerSleeve® composite system. The 80% wall loss repair was pressurized to 8200 psi (565 bar). It performed as calculated and was a complete success.
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100% Wall Loss 12,000 kPa (1740 psi) 24 Hour Hydro 36 Inch Bell and Spigot Line 30 Inch 90 Degree Elbow 12 Inch Natural Gas External Corrosion