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PRT Epoxies / Coatings

An additional segment of the PRT product line is epoxy coatings and adhesives. Our 100% solids epoxies are industrial grade, extreme service products that we use as an integral part our composite repair systems. We work directly, in person with the formulator / manufacturer. This allows us to customize performance characteristics of our products to suit particular projects.

Since our specialty is knowing what products to use on a given repair design, we utilize epoxies with differing capabilities. We have specialized formulations for high temperatures, high chemical resistance, underwater applications and even a system that can be applied in the presence of hydrocarbons. In addition, the cure times for our epoxies can be adjusted from several hours to as little as 5 minutes to suit the application.

Specialty Applications

Advantages of PRT Epoxies and Coatings


Below are few examples of PRT epoxy and coating applications. Please contact us with any questions about your specific project needs.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have. We love what we do and enjoy the opportunity to help people all over the world learn more about the benefits of composites.

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